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K400-Series: Electronics for the 4th season dashboard

Jupiter Electronics released in 1999 a new set of electronics for the single-TV dashboard, as featured in the 4th season of the Knight Rider TV-series.

The 4th season electronics set includes the following assemblies:

K425 Compass display
K445 Speedometer display, with 4-digit odometer
K463 Voicebox, with tone generator and 5-step sequencer
K446 Tachometer display, with bargraph fuel level, oil press and water temperature
K435 Power board, with bargraph voltmeter

K400 - Complete set

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The 4th season electronics set is priced at US$1400, plus shipping.

The K463 voicebox can be ordered separately for US$219, plus $8 shipping (US location). For more information, check the voicebox page.

Additional features - Electronic gages

Several extra features are designed-in which only require to be wired to a switch to activate. Screw terminals are provided for easy wiring.

Except for the speed sensor, all required sensors and signals are already available on any Trans Am; basic Firebirds without the complete instruments cluster might require the purchase and the installation of extra sensors. The speed sensor could need to be upgraded on some models for the odometer to operate correctly.

All board assemblies feature a stacked design, where the driver electronics is mounted on the back of each display board. This eliminates the need for flat cables, facilitates installation and improves reliability. Each board assembly is completely independent.

Printed circuit boards meet military specification MIL-P-13949F.

Custom LED colors are available. Please inquire for details.

For more information, write to sales@jupitere.com.

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