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Ordering Information

Prices for our most popular items are listed below. Prices indicated are in US dollars and do not include shipping.

item description price
K200 Electronics set, 2-TV dash, standard edition

$ 995.

K201 Electronics set, 2-TV dash, fluorescent display

$ 1370.

K400 Electronics set, 4th season $ 1400.
K263 Voicebox, 4-step, KITT $ 179.
K363 Voicebox, 4-step, KARR $ 189.
K463 Voicebox, 5-step (4th season, with text labels) $ 219.

Shipping charges

  United States International
Voicebox $ 8 $ 15
Complete set $ 26 $ 49

Shipping charges include packaging and handling. Complete set includes insurance and package tracking service. Note: package tracking might not be available for all countries.

For more information on how to place an order, please write to sales@jupitere.com.

Canadian residents please contact Christian at ledmaster@jupitere.com for a quotation.


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