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The voicebox is the center piece of the electronic dashboard. It is available in two basic configurations to match your dashboard layout.

K263 K463

One voicebox is included with each complete set of electronics of the K200- and K400- series. Standard voicebox for a 2-TV layout is item number K263; item number K463 is standard for the 4th season style.

Item K463 now includes labels ! Click here for more pictures.

These items can also be ordered separately. Since they operate from any audio source, they do not even need to be installed in a car to enjoy.

On special request, a KARR version is also available. (Item number K363.)

Each model includes a tone generator which sequences at startup. Extra tone inputs are provided for custom installations.

Outputs are provided on the voicebox to light top lamps in sequence with the side LEDs at startup. Top lamps are not included.

The voicebox connects in parallel with one of the front speakers or any other audio source through a high impedance isolation network and reacts as a VU-meter.

All inputs and outputs are accessible using screw terminals for easy and clean installation.

In the K400-Series, the K463 voicebox operates in sync with the K435 power board but remains completely independent from the power board or any other board.

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