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K200-Series: Electronics for the 2-TV dashboard

Scroll down to find out about the hidden features of the K200-Series

Jupiter Electronics offers a set of electronics for the 2-TV dashboard, as featured in the first three seasons of the popular Knight Rider TV-series. The K200-series replaces the previous boards we have been supplying for years and which were discontinued at the end of 1999.

The redesigned electronics for the dual-TV dash has all the features which were missing from the previous release, such as three yellow LEDs next to each display. An operational message center with vacuum fluorescent display is part of the speedometer panel.

The K200 electronics set includes the following assemblies:

K245 Speedometer display, with fuel level meter and message center

K263 Voicebox, with tone generator and 4-step sequencer

K246 Tachometer display, with bargraph oil pressure, water temperature and two more bargraph meters

K249 Telltale board, with bargraph voltmeter and scanning display

K251 Dummy display, 60-LED (two included)

All sets of the K200-series include one voicebox and two dummy displays to be installed under the TV area. Graphic overlays are not included.

Two versions to choose from

The complete set of electronics for the 2-TV dash can be ordered with a functional vacuum fluorescent message center for US$1370, plus shipping. A lower price version is also offered with a permanent (static) LED message display, for US$995 plus shipping.

The K263 voicebox is included but can also be ordered separately, for US$179 plus $8 shipping (US location). For more information, check the voicebox page. Other boards are not available separately.

New! February 2004 - Hidden Features Revealed

Owners of the K200 and K201 sets of electronics will be delighted to find out that their sets have additional built-in features which were only waiting to be discovered.

1. The upper left section of the speedometer display board features 4 light bars which can be wired to any signal, such as turn signals, check engine or other information lights. 

2. The scrolling bar on the telltale display can be powered separately. One possible use of this feature is to interconnect this display with a car alarm system and have only the scrolling bar activated while the car is parked and armed. 

3. The tachometer display features two additional fully functional bar graph meters. The two bonus meters can be used to monitor intake air temperature, manifold air pressure or the throttle position sensor. 

More details about the extra features are provided in the installation instructions, supplied with every set of electronics. If you purchased a set of electronics from us and do not have the installation instructions, please contact us. 

Additional Information

All required sensors and signals should be already available on any Trans Am; basic Firebirds without the complete instruments cluster might require the purchase and the installation of extra sensors.

All board assemblies feature a stacked design, as introduced in 1999 on the K400-series, where the driver electronics is mounted on the back of each display board. This eliminates the need for flat cables, facilitates installation and improves reliability. Each board assembly is completely independent.

Terminal blocks are provided on each driver board for power and sensor input connections.

Printed circuit boards meet military specification MIL-P-13949F.

Custom LED colors are available. Please inquire for details.

You will find more pictures of the K200-series on the next page.

For more information, write to sales@jupitere.com.


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