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Preview - New electronics for the 2-TV dash

Design of the new electronics for the 2-TV dashboard is going very well and we wanted to share our excitement with you.

Here are some screenshots showing the parts placement of the new boards. Please note that scaling might not be exact.

K245 - Speedometer Display


K246 - Tachometer Display


K249 - Telltale Display


Vacuum Fluorescent Display - Message Center

Now accepting preliminary orders !

Here is your chance to reserve your set of electronics and to participate in the design and development.

Many of you already indicated their intent to order the redesigned electronics so we decided to set up a waiting list for the first few sets to be produced. Here is how it works.

Send us an e-mail at 2tvdesign@jupitere.com stating your intent to order a set of electronics for the 2-TV dash. Please indicate when would be the best time for you to receive your order and which options that might interest you, among the following:

- basic (no options, main boards only and voicebox; approx. price US$650)

- standard (approx. price US$750)

- with dummy message center, LED-based (approx. price US$800)

- with message center, LED-based (approx. price US$900)

- with message center, vacuum fluorescent (original, approx. price US$1200)

All sets include one voicebox and two dummy displays to be installed under the TV area, except for the basic set. Graphic overlays are not included.

There is no obligation and there is no need to send money now. The only risk is you credibility and your name. Survey is open from April 24 to April 30, 2000. Release dates for each option will be set according to your response.

Should you have any question with regards to the list or about the new electronics, please write to ledmaster@jupitere.com.

Thank you for your support.

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