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Here is an overview of recent feedback and testimonials we received. Please note that all of these comments are unsollicited (but all are welcome!).

I received my set and it looks truly fantastic!! The LEDs all line up, top notch quality!!! The VOX looks incredible in the dark, the countdown is an added bonus. The compass is probably my favorite section. - J.P., GA

Your guages work great! I was very impressed with all of your boards, painted black and sealed, neatly laid out and compact. I like that blue solder-side coating. I bet that keeps corrosion down to a minimum. You are THE LED MASTER!! - B.S., CA

That's extremely helpful. You are by far the single most reliable person I have dealt with since starting this project a year and a half ago. - S.S., UK

Hey Christian, I got the buttons the other day, they are absolutely terrific. - M.N., GA

I recived the electronics today I must say its a very good and professional job you have made for me i cant compare this to any other electronic components recived for my car. - R.N., Denmark

I want to thank you for your excellent customer service and helping me out. - R.P., AZ

Must say thanks a lot for the great voice box that I have received its 10 times better than I expected great job. - B.T., UK

Thanks so much for your help, my friend. - J.N., TN

The electronics are great! I think they are the best electronics in other companies.I've just connect +12 and seen the light.It's very beautiful! - O.S., Japan

The keys arrived safely today - a real work of art! Feedback left on Ebay.Hope to do more business soon! - T.M., UK

I received the product and I must say I am impressed. Thank you forproviding a top notch item! - J.H., GA

The boards look Great and I canít wait to work on the dash again. Thank you! - P.vG., IL

Electronics arrived this morning...WOW they are fantastic!!!!!! Thanks so much, these are really superb. - A.D., UK

Thanks again. You are fantastic to deal with I hope to do further business with you in the future. - W.M., Alberta, Canada

I am very pleased not only with the quality of the service, but also how helpful you have been in helping me with this project. I would recomend your parts and services to anyone doing this sort of project. - S.DB., FL

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the recent order of custom parts that you have supplied me! i only just powered them up, and just blow away with how i know they will look in the finished dash.. Cant thank you enough! - C.N., UK

Thanks again for all these great products. - S.S., CO

I received my PANPs, white rockers, and overhead (wide) keys. I have to say you make the best stuff there is!!! The panps are just amazing, the white rockers are great and the overhead wide keys are just incredible.Thanks again and keep up the great work..you truly have amazing attention to craftsmanship and detail!! - B.D., KY

The electronics look great, real professional ! Keep up the good work. - B.H., Netherlands

Thank you for the Voicebox. It is wonderfull. The work is perfect. Thanks for all. until soon. - R.K., Germany

i got them today very nice thank you very much. - B.H., KY

Voice box is really wonderful!! Thank you very much. - Y.S., Japan

Thank you all for your continued support.

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