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Scanning lights controller

Jupiter Electronics supplies a scanning lights controller featuring the famous startup flash. The circuit board has a built-in high power interface to directly drive front lamps. 

This unit is supplied as an electronic board only. 

It is a compact board, 3 x 4 inch in size. It is offered at US$90 each, assembled and tested. Shipping is $6 for 1 to 3 boards and $9 for 4 or 5.

There is a built-in power interface to directly drive 12V lamps up to 25W. The intended purpose is to drive brake lamps.

On special request, an additional interface is available to drive 55W halogen lamp bulbs. The interface mounts in the engine compartment, close to the lamp assembly. This new interface should be officially released in January.

Board mounted LEDs provide a visual indication of the scan, inside the vehicle.

An intermittent mode is built-in and can be selected by following simple wiring instructions. The intermittent mode automatically starts the scanning lights controller for a few second every 45 seconds or so.

At power-up and at every start in intermittent mode, all lights go on for a short period, in a flash.

Power switch, enclosure and the lamp assembly itself are not included.

You can choose the style (size, shape and color) of the board mounted LEDs.

Screw terminals are used for the power input connections. The 8 wires going to the lamp assembly are unterminated and about 12-in long.

Refer to item K256 for any question about the scanning lights controller.

K256 - OEM Scanning Lights Controller Board


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